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Come in! Come in, settle down on the comfy couch, and let me pour you a cup of tea. Curl up under this snuggly blanket and let’s talk about self-care.

It’s been rough out there, hasn’t it? You’ve spent a lot of time supporting, resourcing, reframing, and containing, creating safe holding spaces for all the feelings that people are bringing into your office (or your virtual office). …


You are stardust.

You are made up of elemental

fragments of the entire


Your being is a miracle.

Your being is ordinary, everyday –

An ordinary, everyday


Person leaping across an opening between two cliffs. Silhouetted agains pink sky.

We all have stories about our lives. This includes the Big Stories about how we got to be the way we are, and the little ones, like traffic during school drop-off. We experience something and we tell ourselves and others about our experience. …

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I now see my clients on a video screen. How do we create a container for therapy when we are not in the same space as our clients?

Therapy offices are contained places. They are spaces in which people can feel and express and experience themselves in a safe and protected way, held safely by the space and the therapist.

Clients come to therapy because something isn’t working in their lives. They feel miserable, or empty, or distraught…

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The term “self-care” is all over the internet, aimed at first (I think) at women who probably don’t take care of themselves particularly well, but more recently becoming a buzzword designed to sell products and services.

Radical care of the self isn’t about buying things or even about buying a…

Leslie Ann Costello

Psychologist, bioenergetic psychotherapist, and trainer. Watch for my forthcoming book, Somatic Tools for Perinatal Therapists.

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